Did I Tell You I’m Afraid of Heights?

Isn’t there a song that goes: “you picked a fine time to tell us, Lee ….“? ūüėõ

But, it’s never too late, especially not for Lee … and, I’m sure that there are some great ideas out there … so, let’s get them ‘out there’ and help Lee!


Now is a heck of a time to share this revelation but I’m afraid of heights, so much so that if there was a social network for ladders you would find me at the bottom.¬† This journey Making Money 101 so far has been a great learning and relearning experience causing me to admit some great¬†failures in my past.¬† But I have learned that like in the Bible not all failures are “unto death” they just feel like it. So my¬†learning¬†has been that in order for me to make my number of $4,000,000 by 20019 I need to do some house cleaning, house building and house hunting.¬† My biggest failure and yes my greatest need at this point is to establish some savings so I will have something to work with when I launch out into¬†Making Money 201.

Debt retirement is not really a problem for I have no debt except my home¬†,vehicles and student loans. The vehicles¬†will be paid off in less than a year.¬† Sensible Savings for me would be any savings which is better than I have had in the past.¬† I have established an ING account and am having some automatic withdrawals placed in it, so that’s a start.

Cleaning up my spending style has been a real challenge and 10-1-1-1 exercise and recording my spending opened my eyes pretty quick.¬† So guess what I have a little bit more money now because I’ve adjusted my spending but I’m still a long way from where I want to be.

I calculated my required Annual Compound Growth Rate and it came up 131.88%. Oh great now I really concerned.¬† It’s kinda like being sized for a space suit only to find out you have to have oxygen also.

As I stand on the launch pad I am keenly aware that I need some active income, I would like to do some investing and am trying to figure out how to begin. Sensible Investment keeps coming to mind.

Small Business perhaps online type is where I would really like to go and something that my son and I could join together is my preference.  The issue is a product.

Bottom line,  what is holding me back? Two things (1). Lack of funds to invest in any effort and (2). Fear of heights.

On a personal note: Please forgive my tardiness with this post, that’s what happens when you stand at the bottom of a really tall ladder and refuse to look up.

When I actually begin to climb I just hope I don’t have to look down.