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    picture-12What does a farmer do when his crop has died?

    He doesn’t roll over … he does whatever he can to get by … then: plants more seeds!

    This post is interesting, as Lee talks about increasing income as a Making Money 101 exercise … can you offer any advice?


    Looking over my present financial situation gives me great concern, yet had I looked this closely ten to fifteen years ago I would have seen nothing but disparate frustration, so I can live with “great concern”.  My concern drives me to do the following:

    (1). Get my back taxes paid (just in case I am asked to join the presidents cabinet) 🙂

    (2). Get the small auto loan paid off.

    My plan for these two items has to do with some personal one of a kind art work that has been stacked up in my garage for some time now.  I will somehow sell these paintings, some of which are displayed on a personal art blog I have started at http://www.c-1artgallery.blogspot.com I am going to enter into some art shows also.  None of this will bring “big bucks” but it will clear the way for me get some bills paid and hopefully have some funds to invest in something that will produce something big.

    Additional plans involve taking my Internet writing to another level, meaning more of it and branching out in different directions.  I’m learning a lot about blog writing, affiliate programs and advertising. I am also working with a local publisher on getting my “Stress Management” magazine put together.

    Oh and for the first time in a very long time I have started a savings account.  And our project of listing all our expenses this month?  It’s a little embarrassing but I guess that’s the purpose isn’t it?

    I have no questions regarding our MM101 but I do fully understand that what has been “wrong” with my financial picture is my sitting around doing “nothing” when I could be planting seeds that will grow toward my goals.

    As can probably figure out by my plans I’m very interested in enjoying this trip and doing I’ve always wanted to do to get to my destination (my Number and Date).

    An important part of this plan places me in the midst of my life’s calling.  Without total encouragement and direction from God as I understand him I cannot succeed and as a believer I simply must go on record as saying that my faith will sustain me and that faith without works is dead, so I’m rolling up my sleeves and getting to work.



  • Scott 6:42 am on April 24, 2009 | #

    Lee, I would say, just go straight to Money Making 201 and forget about using all your energy right now to pay off debt. Just go straight to it and pursue your writing passions and leapfrog those into money making business ventures that boost your annual compound growth rate. In the meantime while you are putting all your focus on this, you can peek at your daily spending via Adrian’s recent exercise and keep your spending to a minimum while you are building your business/income stream empire. Pretty soon, you won’t even have to think about debt reduction because the debt you currently carry will be miniscule compared to the money that you are earning/saving/investing.

    Good luck! 😉

  • Lee 5:24 pm on April 24, 2009 | #

    Scott actually I am still working on what Adrian recommended, you know the building a solid foundation and longer runway that will allow me to take off properly when I’m ready for the Making Money 201. I’m at the “risk it stage” but I still don’t have the “it” to risk.

  • Adrian 11:58 pm on April 26, 2009 | #

    @ Lee – I tend to agree with Scott; no reason why you can’t do both at the same time: build income and build the solid foundation … after all, the one thing that you do have on your side is time (no full-time commitment, I think?). Not to mention, you also have plenty of life experience and faith (small ‘f’ and big ‘F’) on your side …

  • lee 9:51 am on April 27, 2009 | #

    Adrian – and I do plan on doing both, no need to just travel one road. Yogi Barra once said “When you come to a fork in the road take it.” 🙂

  • Adrian 8:01 pm on April 27, 2009 | #

    All Yogi offered me was a spoon … 😛 Good strategy, Lee! Any other thoughts from the readership pool?

  • Lee 9:51 pm on April 27, 2009 | #

    Adrian I just happened to see the Suzy Welch 10-10-10 book today at Wal-Mart and while waiting for the Automobile Club to come and help me break into my pick up truck which I had locked my keys in I was able to read several chapters. It is a pretty good book with some interesting ideas.

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