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    The Last Piece of the Puzzle …

    Well, so far we have looked at our Life’s Purpose, found our Numbers, translated that into an Annual Required Compound Growth Rate, and thought about how we are going to achieve all of that …

    … our future vision is complete!

    Well, almost complete:

    In coming weeks we will look at your plans in detail and start to put in place strategies that will see them come to fruition … your Journey starts NOW 🙂

    But, every journey begins by making sure that our bags are packed, that you have the requisite travel documents and tickets and that your house is in order …

    … so, it’s time to look at where we are today.

    Take some time to think about your current financial situation and what you are – or intend to – do about improving it in the short/medium term; e.g.

    – are you in too much debt? What can/will you do about it …

    – is your income too low (tell us what it is)? What can/will you do about it …

    – are your expenses too high (tell us what / how much you’re spending today)? What can/will you do about it …

    – are you saving enough money (where? 401k? Roth? Banks? What are your savings in: stocks, bonds, cash?) What can/will you do about it …

    This will help you get a plan in place to ensure a sound financial footing, so that you can move on to your Making Money 201 activities that will get you to your Number (by our Date).

    Naturally, I’ve asked the 7MITs the same questions and hope that they will share with us, right here!


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