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    Ain’t No Mountain High Enough… To Keep Me From Getting to You (My Number)

    Debbie has told you in previous posts how difficult it was for her to come to grips with both her Life’s Purpose and her Number/Date; yet, she will be the first to tell you how important this has all been!

    Given her low starting point, and large Number, she will need to create a publishing empire if she is going to reach it in time. Somehow, I think she just might …


    Ahh, AJC… helping me look a little better by starting me out with a networth of $1,000 (really, it’s negative …a lot! but the numbers won’t work in the online calculator when you try starting with a negative number!!)

    From Allposters.com

    The size of my mountain (my desired number) has decreased from when we first started this experiment – however, the steepness of that mountain has increased because I shortened the period of time I want to take to GET my number.

    This tells me I can be pretty sure I won’t be relying on CD’s or Index Funds to accumulate financial wealth! I’ve always known that my path would involve businesses, and I’m perfectly happy to be focusing there (although also open to other strategies including real estate, once I am able). Even happier that I’ve already started!

    I currently have a business plan and the foundation of an online business in place that was started exactly 5 months ago.  That means – it’s online and operational.  I have not been concentrating on marketing this business as I have been tied up working on the “stuff” that brings the steady pay – the guaranteed money that pays the bills (most of them, anyway), but even without much effort, the business has turned a profit (a small one, but the point is it’s operating in the green with little to no action on my part beyond the initial planning and set up). So- here is where I plan to focus my efforts initially – on the marketing of this already established business. This online business has the realistic potential of profiting (after expenses) over $38,000 a month ($456,000 annually).

    It’s also entirely possible to duplicate the same business plan within a different niche market and duplicate those earnings…

    So I may not have all the kinks worked out of this plan yet, and I can’t say I know much about real estate as investments or stocks, but I can say I’m ready, able and willing to get going. Only 10 years until my “date”, time to get serious!



  • Scott 7:06 am on November 18, 2008 | #

    Looks like you are getting all your gear together and on and are ready to start trudging your way up the mountain, Debbie!

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  • AJC 8:31 am on November 18, 2008 | #

    @ Scott – One of the ‘secrets’ of millionaires is that they become engrossed in their work … hopefully, it won’t feel like ‘trudging’ at all! 🙂

  • Lee 9:40 am on November 18, 2008 | #

    WOW Debbie what a plan. Now I understand why I like to lag behind in this journey. I’ll try to watch people like you and use some of the same path and footholds.
    Adrian – you’re right about trudging. I’ve been in minitry for 40 years now and still haven’t gone to “work” one day. It’s too much fun to be called a “job”

  • AJC 9:55 am on November 18, 2008 | #

    @ Lee – … and, right there is your ‘secret’: YOU need to look to ‘glorify God in everything you DO’ and the ‘DO’ing’ should be what you have always enjoyed DOING. Ministers-R-Us.com? 🙂

    @ Debbie – Lee is right; great post! I have two questions:

    1. How much does your online part of your business generate now?

    2. Who is the likely purchaser of your portfolio if/when you decide to sell?

  • Debbie 11:54 am on November 18, 2008 | #

    @ Lee – you know exactly what you need to do – you just said so. You have been in ministry for 40 years and haven’t gone to work ever. That’s where I am – now, we just have to find ways to better monetize those things I think!

    @ AJC – 1) the online business referred to in this post earns between $400 and $1000 per month from subscriptions/members and without any further action on my part (earnings after expenses). My every day, earn based on how much I work business, earns the rest. So I want to switch it around, so this one is earning more passively.

    2) ummmm… Any company/person that wants a subscription/membership based site that is already up and running, generating passive income, and already has paying members? And perhaps more specifically, freelance bidding sites (getafreelancer, rentacoder, guru, elance…) looking to expand into the writing niche?

  • Josh 1:57 pm on November 18, 2008 | #

    Wow Debbie, looking forwarding to learning how your business works.

  • Diane 10:03 am on November 19, 2008 | #

    Congrats, Debbie! Getting your business plan together, then implementing it and seeing it bear “green” fruit are a real testament to your perseverence and skills!!!

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  • Climb Ev’ry Mountain « 4:02 am on November 25, 2008 | #

    […] to be steady.  I need to plan.  Adrian recommended we all create a business plan, and I saw that Debbie did that for her on-line business.  Not a rulebook, a guide for starting out, one that will help us think about the different […]

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