• 03:05:50 am on November 17, 2008 | 4

    It’s My List, I Can Change It If I Want To …

    Months have gone by and I’ve learned far more that I ever thought I had the ability to. I’ve used the dictionary and thesaurus more than I ever did during my educational adventures that got me to where I am today. (Spell check is a waste of time as you can tell).My prayer life has grown and since I’m a 60 year old minister I felt good with that part of the process.

    My family for some strange reason is behind me in all this. My wife is supportive and my son is co-authoring a blog entitled “Father & Son Mastermind” located at http://www.fatherandsonmastermind.com

    My “Number” started out really, I mean really big then floated down to $5,425,000 with a date of 5 years. I then revised it down again to $4,190,000 and 11 years. But that is “not” my final number.

    Since Adrian named it “Lee’s List” I figured I can change it if I want, after all it’s “My List”. So I have cut off another $1,190,000 which makes my new and “Final Number” $3,000,000 even. I’m going to go ahead and stay with the 11 year date.

    SO WHY THE CHANGE? Not long ago I purchased a G-Scale model railroad set. That’s the big train and each car is about 4 inches wide, 8 inches tall and 12 – 16 inches long. The idea of these trains is to set them up outdoors in your yard or garden. I got a real lesson in how long a grade is needed for a train that size to climb any distance. They can only climb a 4 % grade. The higher you want them to go, the longer the track needs to be.

    So here I am 60 years old and my time is limited so if I want to make it all the way to the top in 11 years I need to find a shorter hill.



  • Scott 5:49 am on November 17, 2008 | #

    Nothing wrong with picking a smaller hill Lee. From my perspective, it greatly increases your chance of getting to the top of it and as Adrian has put it, there’s a chance you can ‘overshoot’ a bit with your method of getting there and end up with a much larger number than you previously planned, just as he did.

    I think of it for myself in terms of all the past goals that I currently have accomplished for myself. All of them seemed so huge to me at the time, so impossible and ‘so far away’ when I began pursuing them. When I set out to get a college degree or ‘two’, in the end I became a doctor and I now have 4 degrees instead of 1 or 2. I wanted to establish ‘a practice’, I now have a business interest in a couple of them, with the probability of more on the way. I figured by this time in my life in practice I would own a starter home. I now own a horse estate and own a rental property, etc…and I can do this all day long with EVERYTHING i’ve EVER set out to accomplish whether it is a little goal or a big one. They all shot WAY past my expected goal, sometimes in less time, sometimes in just a little bit more time.

    Just keep your eye on the ball, your on your way.

  • Lee 10:08 am on November 17, 2008 | #

    And don’t forget in the show “High School Musical” there was a song that repeated over and over again “Get Your head In The Game”. Indicating to not only watch and pay attention to the ball but also knowing what to do with it once it comes your way.

  • Scott 10:11 am on November 17, 2008 | #

    Excellent point Lee.

  • Josh 12:11 am on November 23, 2008 | #

    Lee, when is your father/son blog going to be operational?

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