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    Don’t break Harry’s Code …

    The 7MITs have a ‘code’ – not Harry’s Code that Dexter has to live by (as he carefully slices and dices not-so-innocent people in the darkly popular Showtime series of the same name), but Adrian’s 7 Golden Rules

    … these rules are in place to ensure this site’s integrity and ethics: it’s about money, not about me (or any of the Community) using it to make money … there’s a difference!

    Debbie (correctly, I might add) asks:

    Are we able to mention URL’s in the post we’re making about how we plan to get to our numbers or are we not supposed to do that? It’s not really intended to advertise but it probably would end up being an advertisement anyway since people could click it.

    Like most rules, this is a toughie – Debbie’s question relates to Golden Rules # 2 and # 3:

    2. NO money – or ‘in kind exchange’ – will change hands via this site.

    3. NO products, advertising, or affiliate links of any kind will be accepted. I may, however, include no more than one (1) link to my own site or blog in each post –  my site may contain products, but no ’spam’ or ‘offensive’ products.

    Having read Debbie’s draft post, I am encouraging her to include just ONE unobtrusive hyperlink to the web-site that she refers to:

    I will even allow (nay, encourage) you to hyperlink the words “online business” ONCE to your site, because if people want to see what you’re up to, we should encourage that … hey, I’m curious! But, one contextual link is plenty and shouldn’t break ‘the Code’ (now, I’m beginning to feel like Dexter).

    … and, I am curious, so I just assume that our readers will be, too!

    If it’s relevant, helpful, unobtrusive, legal, and ethical, go ahead and link it … but, make sure you are doing it to help the 7m7y Community, not to feather your own nest.



  • Josh 11:17 pm on November 16, 2008 | #

    I can’t wait for Debbie’s link.

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