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    Hopefully, by now you have an idea of what you are aiming for – as evolved through Your Life’s Purpose, Your Rear Deck Speech, and your Lee’s List – and are beginning to get a handle on your Number and maybe even your Date.

    But, Debbie asks an important question:

    The number I’m recalculating/checking on… was the original [amount] I wanted to have … in the bank I guess, to carry out all of the pieces that make up my life’s purpose. (I’m still hung up a little there because I want to increase the amount I earn between now and then, I don’t necessarily want my current lifestyle for 17 years and then magically on the 17th year have this money in my bank! And during those 17 years I want to be starting to live pieces of what makes up my life’s purpose…)

    Am I just looking at it wrong?

    Debbie is asking if she can scale up her way of living between now and the Date that she achieves her Number?

    Or, does she need to live like an Ascetic NOW so that she can live the Life of Her Dreams THEN?

    The short answer is: I don’t know … this is an exercise in budgeting both TIME and MONEY in order to achieve a HUGE and CRITICAL goal. In order to complete this ‘budget’ we will need to take some intermediary steps.

    You may or may not be able to have your cake and eat it: i.e. we don’t yet know if you could/should aim for a big Number and live a ‘bigger lifestyle’ along the way.

    That’s why we don’t concentrate on the Journey, yet, just the final Destination.

    Let me explain …

    Think of planning a trip: let’s say that you decide that you HAVE to get to London on a certain date for an important meeting.

    It would be ‘nice’ to stop off in Rome ‘on the way’ and pick up a car at the airport so that you can spend a couple of days in Chianti with your ‘significant other’ romantically sipping the wines, eating olives, and generally enjoying the Glorious Italian Summer (oooh, yeah!) …

    … it would be nice, indeed 🙂

    But, first you start off with the main objective in mind, then you work backwards: e.g. Can we make the trip to London? If so, do we have the time to make a ‘side trip’? If yes, are flights available? Great, then can we afford the ticket prices? What about accommodation, food, rental car, etc., etc.?

    If all these conditions can be satisfied, then we may decide to go ahead and make the side trip …

    … however, if only some can be satisfied we need to start playing around with alternatives [budgeting, anyone?]: maybe we can shorten the side-trip? Or, perhaps we give up on Rome entirely and we simply fly into London and pick up a car and drive to Bath for a day or two’s visit? And, so on …

    1. If none of the conditions can be satisfied, are you going to say: “well, I’ll go to Rome anyway, because I don’t want to miss out on the fun things in life and if I have enough ‘budget’ left, I’ll keep going to London, and if not, I’ll just head back when I run out of cash and miss the meeting”, OR

    2. Will you instead say, “oh well, I can’t afford the side trip (time and/or money), but at least I have budgeted sufficiently and for long enough that I can afford to get to London for The Important Business Meeting?’, OR

    3. Will you decide: “none of these trips are really that important to me, not the London Business trip, not the Rome or Bath side trips … even though I’ve planned and saved and budgeted for a long, long time and I’m finally at the stage of making the bookings, I’ll still just call the whole thing off and buy a plasma TV instead so that I can stay home and watch football in High Def.”!

    For each of you, any one of these choices (or, perhaps another entirely) will be the ‘right one’ …

    … it all depends on how important one is to you v the other … so back to deciding first how important that trip to London really is (i.e. your MAIN OBJECTIVE).

    Of course, the trip to London is just a metaphor for our Life’s Purpose, and the Lee’s List the travel itinerary …

    … but, can Debbie afford her ‘side trips’?

    We don’t know, yet. It will depend upon how well she can budget along the way (both time and money) and what compromises Debbie is willing to make because of – or in spite of – the importance of her selected ‘final destination’.

    Which, of course, is why we are putting so much effort into it, right now.

    Because, if we just started out randomly traveling, we may get to Rome if/when we get the urge, and we may even ‘happen’ to end up in London on the ‘right’ date to end up at the meeting – but, it’s highly unlikely that any of this will happen …

    … just remember what happened to Alice when ended up in Wonderland:

    One day Alice came to a fork in the road and saw a Cheshire cat in a tree. Which road do I take? she asked. Where do you want to go? was his response. I don’t know, Alice answered. Then, said the cat, it doesn’t matter.


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