• 01:33:04 pm on September 23, 2008 | 2


    As I mentioned to Josh, the 7m7y site is a little different to other sites: much of the useful content will be in the COMMENTS … if you just read the posts you’ll only see half the story!

    So, to make it easy to follow recent comments and latest posts, http://7m7y.com has been updated to all a navigation area in the right hand sidebar. Take your time to scroll down now and you will see:

    1. A thumbnail of each of the 7 Millionaires … In Training! [and me!] with a link to each of our most recent posts

    2. A search box to help you find old posts by full text keyword search (go ahead, try it)

    3. NEW!! A thumbnail of the author/s of the 8 most recent comments with a link … you will really want to click these at least once a day (!) and make sure you read them all!

    4. A Vodpod Box containing my 4 latest YouTube videos (better yet, visit http://ajcfeed.com and see me LIVE on Thursdays @ 8pm CST as these videos only capture 25% of the show’s content)

    5. And more … go ahead: start scrolling!

    Here’s Diane’s fantastic post ….




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