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    Off and running!

    Hopefully, by now you are acquainted with this ‘grand experiment’ and our 7 Millionaires … In Training!

    I have set them a task to review with us some of the key steps that they completed in order to get this far. Once we have reviewed these steps, and confirmed their Numbers and Dates, we will work with each on their plan for the immediate future as well as the long-term future … but, that’s in a couple of weeks.

    Starting Monday, I have reserved space for each of our 7MITs …

    [AJC: I say reserved space, because this is now their blog – and, their lives – I can’t lay deadlines, I just hope that I have selected wisely and each knows the importance of keeping the momentum in their lives, and keeping the 7m7y Community vibrant]

    … their first task is to write a post titled: “[Their Name]’s Life Purpose”, which I hope will include:

    a) at least a couple of the questions that got them started on their Life’s Purpose

    b) Some reference to their Do/Don’t wants

    c) Their entire Rear Deck Speech

    d) Their Life’s Purpose & (honestly) if/how that currently resonates for them (eg does it still need some work? why?)

    e) We’ll get back to the Number later, but for now some reference as to what type of lifestyle they think that means for each of them and why?

    For example:  my Life’s Purpose is to be constantly traveling physically, mentally, spiritually.

    At a practical minimum (a good place to start!) that means THREE things to me:

    1. I need lots of time (I can’t be tied down to a regular work etc. schedule to accommodate all of this ‘traveling’!)

    2. The ‘physical’ part implies a high regular cost of travel (and, given that I’m old and ‘soft’, for me it unfortunately means business class travel o/seas although I am quite happy with 3 – 4 Star hotels and coach travel domestically)

    3. For me, the ‘mental’ part means having some venture capital-type ‘throw away money’ to indulge my creativity …

    … but, mainly means being able to do what I am doing now, which is CREATING (through writing and – eventually – speaking/teaching) a PROCESS/SYSTEM for generating true wealth.

    You can probably see that this kind of life does require a high passive income (hence, large Number) soon enough to be able to do something with it (no good waiting until I’m too old to travel/create/etc.) … lucky for me, I made it and am indeed now beginning to transition to living my Life’s Purpose (this blog is just one small step in that direction).

    Now, I’m not going to be a ‘one trick pony’ (my Life’s Purpose is very clear about that) so also look out for other ‘ventures’ (probably that have nothing to do with money) that all involve creativity and travel …

    Now, what can you did with all of this … help out 7MITs get clarity around this process – around their Life’s Purpose – and, help them be as frugal as they can (the less lifestyle, the smaller Number, the more likely they are to get there … simple) without sacrificing their Life.

    … and, maybe you can share your Life’s Purpose and the 7m7y Community will return the favor to you? 🙂



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