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    Just enough cooks in the kitchen …


    I’m about to find out if I can make money on-line … read the latest installment (just posted) here!


    [WARNING: The above image is only a reasonable facsimile of our 7 Millionaires … In Training! Our lot is much better looking than those chumps in the photo 😛 ]

    You’re all here (well most of you) because you first came across a blog that I write called How to Make $7 Million in 7 Years

    … it’s based upon my experiences and what I learned about money along the way.

    I invited my universe of readers to apply to join me in a ‘grand experiment’ to prove the financial strategies that I write about in my blog.

    That’s how this blog was born: where http://7million7years.com is the restaurant, this site ( http://7m7y.com ) is the kitchen where we all get to ‘cook up’ great wealth-building ideas and try those ideas in action …

    … where the one is full of pre-prepared, yummy bite-size morsels, this other blog is the wholesome, healthy and ultimately much more fulfilling home-cooked meal prepared from scratch.

    Like any great meal, however, there are few shortcuts – certainly some ‘chef’s tips’ to make the preparation that much faster and the food taste that much better … which all takes time.

    This experiment will go on (I hope) for 7 long years … but, I encourage you to bookmark this page (even better, subscribe to have updates simply arrive in your e-mail in-box) because critical lessons will occur exactly as and when needed – and, you don’t want to miss anything important!

    More so, perhaps than any other blog, these lessons will also occur in the comments … you will be only getting half the story if you just read the posts, so you probably want to come back to ‘old posts’ every couple of days to see how each one evolves. You can – and should also feel free to participate by leaving your own comments/questions/suggestions/criticisms!

    There will be false starts, some flameouts, some tantrums in the kitchen …

    … ultimately, I hope we will not just have 7 ready, tasty, and healthy meals (along with, hopefully, thousands more as people at home also cook their meals using similar ingredients – and some improvisation as suits their taste) but, 7 new, fully-fledged chefs in the kitchen.

    We’re starting nice ‘n slow – we’ve found our 7 Chefs in Training after a long search, but whose to say that any can cook?

    We just know that they want to cook … rather, need to cook … and, have demonstrated the heart, soul, and tenacity needed to get there.

    I’ve prepared the kitchen and some basic utensils, ingredients, and recipes, but these folk will have to largely go out and forage for what they need on their own.

    They are all there on the right hand side of this very page … these will be your friends, and your guides – as you will be their guides (because we all have at least one secret family recipe, ingredient, cooking technique that we can and should share) – so, I encourage you to scroll down and get acquainted (just click on their latest post listed right under their thumbnail) and stay in touch.

    Tomorrow, we start cooking!



  • Scott 7:20 am on September 13, 2008 | #

    Good analogies and great picture for our “group” Adrian, eheh.

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