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    And So It Begins…

    As a fan of the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy, I always liked the scene in “The Two Towers” where the great battle at Helm’s Deep is about to take place between the human/elven alliance led by the great King Theoden, along with the brave band of warriors that included Legolas, Aragorn and Gimli, against the vicious 10,000 strong Uruk-hai Orcs of Saruman. In this pivotal scene, just as the Uruk-hai approach the Kingdom gates and the ensuing battle is about to unfold, King Theoden makes the classic statement to his army with intense courage, valor and purpose, “And so it begins….”

    The final 7 millionaires in training have been selected through 7million7years.com and 7m7y.com and now it is time to take action. Massive action is now necessary in the great battle to achieve our goal together as a team, to prove that this grand experiment is possible and can and will happen if our purpose is great enough!

    Hopefully, those of you who have fought with us up to this point to make this experiment happen will continue to join us and provide a source of support as well as learn along with us and reach your own financial goals in the process. This effort will help to develop a more concrete, repeatable plan that others can use to build wealth and reach their own financial dreams. In the upcoming days, months and years, we will all share our visions, our dreams, our methods, our ups and downs, all under the guidance of our own “King Theoden”, an extremely successful multimillionaire, who dared to share his vision with us and pioneer this grand experiment to teach others how to become wealthy.

    So grab your swords, bows and arrows and subscribe to 7 millionaires in training and join in the battle!



  • Lee 9:27 pm on September 8, 2008 | #

    I have no problem finding the swords, bows and arrows but what I’m looking for is a really good “E-Book Software” something that will walk me through producing a e-book.
    Does anyone have any ideas?

  • AJC 9:30 pm on September 8, 2008 | #

    @ Lee – From the same people who make BeBiz (I haven’t used this product, I just use a free template that comes with Word, but this might be better/easier):


  • Debbie 10:04 am on September 9, 2008 | #

    Are you looking for something to put an ebook together, Lee? Why not type it in word, format it so it looks the way you want it, then turn into a PDF?
    Most people simply make a .doc version and .pdf version available for downloading, based on my experience.

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