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    Your Life’s Purpose!

    OK, we’ve been heading down a road … careering more like it … to one destination: awakening our Life’s Purpose.

    You will either ‘get this’ or you won’t … you will either get rich, or you won’t. It’s that important … really.

    We started by asking some critical questions to help us get thinking … and, I know the younger you are, the harder it will be to see a future that has nothing to do with girls/guys, cars, houses, college, jobs, money (well, a little to do with money and all that other stuff) and more with personal fulfillment.

    We created lists of “don’t wants” and “do wants” and we even came up with a ‘touchy feely’ version of an ‘elevator pitch’ to our imaginary progenies’ progeny about how our imagined lives actually panned out.

    All this coming from a guy whose idea of fun is sitting at his computer talking about money (having spent years making it!) …

    What gives?

    I hope that starting today, you’re about to find out …

    I want you to come up with a short statement, based upon a deep soul-search of your lists and in reading through yesterday’s ‘story of your [imagined] life’, of your Life’s Purpose.

    My Life’s Purpose is “…………………….”.

    You will carry this with you and eventually it may morph into something else … or it may stay the same. At least, we will have buried a Big Picture in your subconscious … one that will have a huge impact on your financial future – you’ll see how next week.

    It’s a short, simple statement of what your life will be all about … if done right, it will give you an immediate buzz of “eureka, that’s it!” energy … if not, keep trying. You have all week.

    If it helps, mine was – and, interestingly, still is after nearly 10 years:

    To travel physically, mentally and spiritually.

    What has this simple statement given me? So far, everything …

    Take your time coming up with yours.



  • Di Eats the Elephant 11:01 am on July 16, 2008 | #

    Love it! Yours is so succinct and I can see how glancing at that piece of paper and those scribbled words from time to time can refocus one’s intent on what is really important in the scheme of things. Thanks for sharing your personal statement with us…that will surely help me better find my own.

  • AJC 11:16 am on July 16, 2008 | #

    @ Di – it wasn’t always so brief, in fact I found my first attempt and it goes something like this:

    “My Life’s Purpose is to experience everything …

    To experience success in all facets of my life,
    To experience the joy of giving and experience warmth,
    To experience the self-satisfaction and acknowledgment of others that comes from creativity,
    To always be travelling physically, mentally, spiritually …. ” [it went on, and …. zzzzzzzz].

    Somehow, after a few days of reflection that last piece just jumped out in a rare “Aha! That’s it!” moment of clarity.

  • Shannan 2:51 pm on July 16, 2008 | #

    Wow! I won’t say that all of this introspection has been a simple process. On the contrary, it’s been challenging and time consuming. However, developing such a short statement that describes “to a T” the motivation that drives the things I think about and do on a daily basis and will give the rest of my life its momentum seems… simple. It’s work I could and should have done a long time ago to help define and also guide myself. This is exciting!

  • AJC 4:26 pm on July 16, 2008 | #

    @ Shannan – it is exciting … and, hard … and, important! You’ll see how important and relevant when we pull out the trusty (by now, rusty) old calculators next week …

  • Jason Dragon 6:59 pm on July 16, 2008 | #

    Well I have written mine a while back, it is not so short but I could make it much shorter. I will try for you now.

    My purpose is to…
    Help others fulfill their full destiny, give people the leg up in life they are looking for.

    My method is…
    To create businesses that help people, and make money. Use that money to give my family a good life and use all excess to help others get ahead. Once you help others have them pay it forward and help others.

    Jason Dragon

  • AJC 9:24 pm on July 16, 2008 | #

    @ Jason – if silently repeating your Life’s Purpose makes the hairs stand up on the back of your neck, then you are close to ‘your truth’ …

  • Debbie 7:33 pm on July 18, 2008 | #

    I am STILL working on this one. I realize it’s importance and therefore I think I’m making it harder than it needs to be 🙂 Having fun trying though.

  • AJC 10:33 am on July 19, 2008 | #

    @ Debbie – It’s not something that you will necessarily ‘get’ the first time you try … it may be enough that it sits in your subconscious for a few days/weeks then something better may ‘pop’ out. But, give it your best shot now and e-mail/contact me if you need some help.

  • Lee 10:04 pm on July 20, 2008 | #

    I take very serious this idea of “My life’s Purpose” and I have struggled with it for several years now, constantly changing here and there how I can best describe it to others. Obviously I haven’t stayed on target. There is a difference between purpose and goals. While on one hand my goals are about certain “things” or acts that require money to accomplish, on the other hand my purpose is not determined by the need for money. It transcends the tangible.

    Regardless of the results of the next 7 years and if I am one of the 7 finalist or not, my purpose is much bigger than any experiment. The discipline required to articulate my purpose is excellent practice andI am more than willing to tackle it.

    Now then, that which makes the hairs on my neck stand up is the reality that:

    “My Life’s Purpose is to glorify God in everything I do.”

    I can expound on this more but it will all be about “goals” that must first pass the test of glorifying God. There are certain things an acts that would require finances that are not available now.

  • AJC 11:15 pm on July 20, 2008 | #

    @ Lee – In the next day or two you get to decide exactly how (and how much) money is important to help you fulfill your Life’s Purpose … if, before Tuesday, you can find ways to glorify God that DON’T require money (a) believe me, YOUR life will be a LOT simpler, and (b) you get to take the rest of the week off 🙂

  • Lee 1:24 am on July 21, 2008 | #

    To glorify God simply means to honor Him. You point to him as the source of all your successes. You understand that life isn’t just about you and all you can do but it’s about Him and what He can and will do through you, if you allow Him to. It’s a matter of staying focused. It’s not about the money, it’s about how to be content with what you have while still striving to have all that He intended for you.

    There is hardly a day that goes by that I don’t have opportunity to listen to people’s concerns about their life and I always ask if I can pray for them. You are right, even listening and praying for people cost money and one of my goals is to have the “time and place”. Time is money and to have a place takes money. The goals are very costly. But the purpose, “to glorify God in everything I do” does not require money. But yes the ways the glorify God are very expensive.

    I’m looking forward to Tuesday for my I would love for my life to be a bit easier. But to take the rest of the week off? I’m already semi-retired 🙂

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  • Di Eats the Elephant 9:00 pm on August 12, 2008 | #

    Adrian, I revisited this and saw how my Life’s Purpose closely resembled yours – a list of expressions:
    My Life’s Purpose:
    To be True to myself;
    To Dare to live what few men have dared to dream;
    To Scare Myself into living the life I crave
    To Dream Big;
    To not give in; To not give up.

    I went back and revisited it and think this is the one that makes the hairs stand up on the back of my neck:

    “To Scare Myself into Living Large”
    (Yeah, I can feel the hairs on my head as I write that)

    I know what it means; maybe no one else will, but I do and by speaking to me, it speaks for me.

  • AJC 9:07 pm on August 12, 2008 | #

    @ Diane – Excellent … and there’s only one person who NEEDS to know what it means (or even what it is). The true test will be if you still feel the same way months from now … but, it sounds like you have enough to go on; well done!

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