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    The best way to give up your ‘day job’ is to watch my Live Show this Thursday @ 8pm CST (9pm EST / 6pm PST) at http://ajcfeed.com ….


    A little “Self-Myth Busting” …

    Lee just added a comment to yesterday’s post that I thought I should share:

    Hmmmm Adrian I find it interesting that your last two posts haven’t received the quick responses as usual. I guess we’re all in deep thought. Thanks for making us “think”.

    To which I responded:

    I hope that everybody (not just the Final 15) is THINKING DEEPLY about these exercises … I took a chance and spaced this out (next week is the final ‘non-financial’ exercise), because I am gambling that this series of exercises will be as important to YOU as it was to ME.

    If it is as important to you (and, it should be!) …

    Yesterday, I asked you to take a look at the circled items in your “do” and “don’t” lists … particularly on your “do” list (the “don’t” were just a way to help you get to a definitive list of your “do want in your life”) …

    … and, if you don’t already have it, next to each item write down why you don’t have it.

    That was the easy part: now, I want you to take each item – and, lame excuse that you wrote down next to it 🙂 – in turn:

    Reorder the list in order of importance … I want you to focus on the ‘big ticket’ items first.

    Take the first, most important ‘want in your life’ and think about what you wrote as the reason why you don’t yet have it …

    Take a critical look at how you found a way to blame everybody/anybody else for this lack in your life [insert excuse of choice: the weather; the gods; your mother; your father; your rabbi; bad luck; AJC; etc.] …

    … keep looking until you find the reason why YOU have to take SOLE responsibility!


    Is there something that you are doing – something that you are contributing – that helps to keep that limitation (even if, on the surface, it doesn’t seem to be you doing the limiting) afloat?

    C’mon, be honest … think really deeply about this … you have the rest of the week to mull this over: each item on the ‘short list’ (by now, it should only be 5 or 6 items long) in turn.

    And, if it is really you doing the limiting (isn’t it always?) – even if it’s only by passively ‘letting’ something keep occurring – it should be easy to figure  out how to get yourself out of the way, shouldn’t it?

    By the end of the week, I’m hoping that you will begin to see that most of these limitations to what you really, really want in your life are imaginary …

    … then we can set about getting them.


    PS if you are stuck on any/all of these exercises … NOW is the time to ask a question: post a comment or use the Contact Me form … next week is crunch time: you get to find your Life’s Purpose!



  • Jeff 5:43 pm on July 9, 2008 | #


    I’m starting wonder if I misfired on one of the steps. Should I be starting to see hints of future opportunities at this stage? Right now my list of what I want in my life has three items on it. I pared it down from the five I had earlier because I realized that I already had two of the items in my life. I just wanted to make sure I maintained them.

    For now my “What I want in my life list” is:

    1. To be financially independent
    2. To have healthy and plentiful friendships/relationships
    3. To have seized opportunities that yield success

    I already blamed myself about five different ways for why these items are not as fully developed in my life as I would like. But I’m wondering if I’m seeing the forest when I should be focusing on a tree or two.

    Any thoughts? Do you think I’m in the ball park?
    I’m Minding My Own Business, are you minding yours?

  • AJC 8:32 pm on July 9, 2008 | #

    @ Jeff – Glad to see that you are thinking about this so deeply, it will pay real dividends next week.

    Do you ‘just’ want to be financially independent … why? … in other words is financial (or other) independence the MEANS or the END? We’re looking for the END here.

    Same with the other two: if ENDS … fine. If MEANS … look for what you want to get out of them e.g. define ‘success’ – doing an inverted-loop? Or, becoming a ‘success mentor’ to Top Gun graduates all over the USA for the next 50 years? [Hint: which of these will have more personal meaning when you look back on your life just before you kick the proverbial bucket?]

    And, add the ‘missing’ two: you don’t want to lose them, even if you already have them, do you?

    Forests are nice … we’ll pick out the trees that you’ll need in a week or two … trees cost big, you know 😉

  • Lee 9:01 pm on July 9, 2008 | #

    Jeff, “Semper Fi”

  • Jeff 9:08 pm on July 9, 2008 | #

    Thanks AJC. The more I think about it, 1 and 3 are probably means where as 2 is more of an end…although I suppose it could be a means if you think of 2 as a well established social network.

    Time to kick Michael and the chimp out of my hyperbaric chamber so I can take another stab at this in my think tank. 🙂

    I’m Minding My Own Business, are you minding yours?

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