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    What you do want in your life …

    Yesterday I said that for most people it’s actually much easier to think about what we don’t want in our lives than what we do want …

    … well, today we’re going to test that:

    What do you want in your life?

    Take a few minutes (in fact, take as long as you want) to write down as many things that immediately come to mind … whatever it is that makes you happy, joyful, prideful … any and all positive emotions.

    Now, go back to yesterday’s “don’t want” list and see if that helps you add any more “do wants” … it might …

    … go ahead, take your time – but, not too much dwelling on each (we’re still ‘brain dumping’, remember?)


    OK, look at the list and just circle for now the few most important ones – 5 or 6 is plenty, just like yesterday.


    Great … go back over these lists and your 10 questions over the next few days … it gets a little harder from here on in …



  • Diane 5:32 pm on July 2, 2008 | #

    AJ – seems this is closer to the longer list of 10 questions – or am I missing what you mean by what we DO want? Are you talking about specific things like a specific car or general things like good health (continued good health, flexibility), etc.? How about that magical coin purse that everytime you reach into it has money in it? (One where you don’t have to sell the devil your soul to get it, either!)

    We’re heading for a Happy 4th here – hope everyone enjoys the holiday!!

  • Lee 9:17 pm on July 2, 2008 | #

    What I “DO” want is to have my life in order in such a fashion that everything makes sense. I want to be able to help others “when” I want to just “because” I want to. I desire to live a life where I experience fulfillment regardless of the direction I turn.
    Most of all I would rather “be” that “do”. I’m looking forward to learning how to be by changing what I do.

  • AJC 10:44 pm on July 2, 2008 | #

    @ Diane – Understanding the 10 Questions + Your Don’t Wants helps you to understand your DO wants … and, it’s the DO wants that is really the start of this Very Special Process …

    … your DO’s are unlikely to be ‘things’ like cars, houses, etc. (or the money to buy them with) … rather they will be things that bring lasting [insert good emotions of choice].

    @ Lee – what will give you fulfillment? Dig deeper inot each statement that you made, if you can … the thinking that you do now will provide dividends [ pun intended 😉 ] very soon …

  • Lee 9:36 pm on July 6, 2008 | #

    Alright I’ve been giving some more thought to how I can “dig deeper” as AJC asked into what I “DO Want” from this 7 million 7 year experience. To have my life in order in a fashion that makes sense means to no longer be controlled by money but to control it. To have what I want when I want and how I want. My desire is to specifically help public safety personnel deal with stress in their life by creating a retreat setting with instruction or coaching. But I want to provide that help at little or no cost to them.
    The comment about fulfillment means to be a spiritual leader who can point to my obedience to God as the way that I was able to become debt free. But also show people some specific things “I DID” to get there.
    Finally I want to sleep at night because I know that the principles of being part of the 7million 7 years are principles that really work and that my life has changed because I refused to procrastinate any longer.

  • AJC 10:41 pm on July 6, 2008 | #

    @ Lee – Thanks for sharing … I see some DO’s that are BIGGER than money, ‘things’, and this site/experiment … those are the things you should be looking for: the more meaningful things to you/others that will still be there after this site, money and/or ‘other stuff’ are long forgotten …

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  • Jeremy W 3:07 pm on July 7, 2008 | #

    Thanks again for getting the wheels in my head turning…It is funny as I look at what I have written down, even only at 25, I already have most of my top goals accomplished (like being financially secure and having the time and ability to help others) whereas the few I havent accomplished yet are the ones I rank at the bottom (like being completely financially independant) and one of which is quite frankly very superficial (being successful/respected/admired among my peers) …interesting exercise…

  • AJC 4:09 pm on July 7, 2008 | #

    @ Jeremy – While I totally appreciate what you’re saying, it tells me that you’re not looking far enough out … I think you’re dealing with goals and not destinations. This is not a criticism and is totally understandable because you are a 25 y.o. high flyer [pun intended!]

    Next week’s penultimate exercise will challenge you -and all the other young’uns out there – and, combined with tomorrow’s exercise, will give you a new 35,000 feet perspective …. I promise!

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