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    Featured Finalist – Lee

    There’s actually nothing special about being featured here; Lee was just the first to submit his “first post” that he entitled: A Matter of Training.

    Although, Lee is special in that he is well outside the expected range of bloggers! But, we’ve already said a few (positive) words about that!

    Also, I am not expecting any wax on / wax off tasks at this stage of the ‘grand experiment’ – including traffic-generation (although, you may as well get in the habit of drumming up ‘business’ … on the web, this equals: traffic!).

    No, you have all proven yourself on the floor of the dojo – and, my fence is now painted! – it’s now all business … real, money-making, wealth-creation, get rich(er) quick(er) processes for you!

     And, that means ANY memeber of the 7m7y Community who wants to follow along: including, any of the Final 15.

    BTW: even as a Final 15 member, you will only be featured if I don’t run out of runway on the way to announcing the 7MITs on July 24! It means nothing if you’re not featured at this stage of the project …

    The only thing that all of the Final 15 – plus anybody else who actually wants to get rich – should be concentrating on now are the activities that I will be launching over the next 3 – 4 weeks (beginning on June 24).

    In the meantime, here’s Lee’s post …

    Over the short sixty years of my life I have learned a few things. No I really mean a “few”

    things. I’m not what you would call a quick study, but I do like a challenge and I’m like a dog I

    had as a child that was not real bright but very trainable. When I came across the idea of being

    one of seven people who would be trained in how to make a million dollars in seven years my

    ears perked up. I was in the process of doing some other training when my trainer mentioned

    that she had applied to become one of those seven people making a million dollars in seven

    years. At her recommendation I checked out the web site and made the application

    I’m at a stage in my life where I’m ready for a change but I’m at an age in my life where

    change doesn’t come easy. I’m ready to reinvent myself and rewrite the script of my life. What

    is still ahead of me is something that excites me in such a way that I’m ready to focus on what it

    takes to get there.

    While my peers are satisfied with reminiscing about where they have been, I’m ready to go forward

    to places I’ve never been before. I love to journey into the unknown. This journey of

    making 7 million in 7 years is worth the wait. It kind a reminds me of when I first learned how

    to send out mass emails which by the way is how I let people know I was in the running for this

    great journey. If I were perfect in every way I would tell you to click on the following URL to

    see how I let folks know.

    But I’m not perfect and I didn’t take the chance of them maybe reading

    the news on one of my web sites: http://www.lawenforcementfamily.com or

    http://www.familydispatchchurch.com or even on my blogsite http://holygroundscafe.blogspot.com.

    What I did was send a mass email that I’ll gladly forward a copy to you upon request.

    No you probably better understand the title of this post “A Matter of Training”. I need a lot of

    training. I did however publish some post on NetworthIQ and you can check them out at:


    It’s details and Tech stuff that trips me up. But then I am trainable.




  • Heidi 7:11 am on June 21, 2008 | #

    Wonderful post, Lee, you are definetely one of the most interesting characters in this journey! Best of luck to you!

  • Deanna 9:21 am on June 21, 2008 | #

    Great post Lee! Good luck to you. I realized from your links that we are both in KS!

  • Josh 12:59 pm on June 22, 2008 | #

    Great post Lee, really enjoyed it.

  • A little “Self-Myth Busting” … « 10:51 am on July 9, 2008 | #

    […] Lee just added a comment to yesterday’s post that I thought I should share: Hmmmm Adrian I find it interesting that your last two posts haven’t received the quick responses as usual. I guess we’re all in deep thought. Thanks for making us “think”. […]

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