• 10:09:20 am on June 16, 2008 | 0

    Final 15 to be Announced this Thursday Night … Live!

    Congratulations once again to all of those who made the Final 30 for our 7 Millionaires … In Training! ‘Grand Experiment’.

    To get there, they had to jump through a few unusual ‘hoops’

    – Complete an interesting application form
    – Write 100 words, supply a photo, use their real first name
    – Direct some traffic to 7m7y.com (or their own page, if they were featured)

    Each task had a purpose in helping to whittle down a list of more than 10 applicants for each spot to (eventually) just The Magnificent 7 (as one reader – presumably toungue in cheek – put it).

    I have just one more FINAL “wax on / wax off” task for each FINALIST …

    …. being an online blog-based project where most communication will be in writing – and visible for all the world to see – its purpose should be obvious:

    I sent each finalist an e-mail asking them to write their ‘first post’ – I told them that posts are typically 400 – 600 words long and usually written from the first person perspective.

    That’s all the help they will get from me on this final ‘weeding out’ task!

    The bad news: They have only until midnight CST the Wednesday to provide their posts …

    The good news: Each Final 30 applicant still has a BETTER than 50/50 chance to make the Final 15 …

    … the Final 15 is where our (their) 7 Millionaires … In Training! journey really begins!

    I announce the Final 15 LIVE and will explain the next step/s on Thursday Night’s AJC Feed ( http://ajcfeed.com ).

    Join me in wishing them all Good Luck … this really could be the first day of their (and your … if you follow along – and participate actively) New Financial Life!



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