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    Meet Darren!

    I asked some applicants to come out from behind their sunglasses (most would; one wouldn’t) and their Simpsons avatars; and, I asked “DJ” to provide his real first name, because I want all of my 7 Millionaires … In Training! to be ‘real people’ whose (future) success will be something that everybody in the 7m7y Community can relate to. Darren responsed by saying: “My name is actually DJ, its my initials for my first name (Darren) and middle name (Joseph). Everyone calls me DJ, but you can refer to me as Darren if you would like.”

    Now, let’s meet Darren … oops, DJ

    My name is Darren (DJ) and I am seventeen. 

    I live in upstate New York where I am a student in high school. Since the age of fourteen, I have published an auto racing book and I spend time marketing/selling it.

    Although I haven’t achieved much financial reward, I plan on using different tools (real estate, start up businesses, internet businesses, etc) to finish my goals. 

    I don’t think age is a disadvantage for anyone and I look forward to this journey.


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