Meet Adam!

Why apply to be a part of this experiment/journey?

I’m an entrepreneur to the bone. I’ve always had some little side business buying and selling electronics, auto parts, even cars for profit.

I have 6th sense for opportunity that I want to take advantage of on a much larger scale. I pride myself on achievement, and constantly compare my level of success to those I encounter as a motivator to do more while I’m young.

I’m an architect by trade, but have moved into real estate investing + development, and hope to start construction on my first commercial development project in 2009.

I currently have 2 rental properties and I’m working towards having a $5mm+ real estate portfolio by age 35.

I’m 26 now and I have a goal of $10mm net worth by age 50, although I’d LOVE to meet this earlier. I see this program as a catalyst to that journey, and I’m excited about keeping a written log that others can learn and benefit from.