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    Next Step …

    By now, all bar a couple of our Final 30 have created their Networth IQ profiles … I hope that everybody who reads this blog does the same …. you will all (finalist or not) gain tremendously by this simple exercise …

    … you will gain, because you are drawing a line in the sand.

    I’m betting that once you do, you will never let your financial position go backwards by ignoring your finance and/or overspending. I’m also counting on the competitive spirit of a number of you to simply try and raise the bar a little – or a lot – at a time.

    Now, what I would like you to do, Finalist or not, is become an active member of the NWiQ ‘community’:

    – Ask a question or two

    – Add your own answers to questions

    – Post a Tip if you feel like it

    – Keep your NWiQ up to date; maybe even write a journal entry or two

    – Use it to drive traffic to (or promote) 7m7.com (or your page)

    – Spam the site

    NWiQ will be one of the key tools that we will use for our ‘experiment’, so I would like this forum to remain independent of this ‘experiment’ …

    … therefore, you’ll need to find another way to drive traffic to your page (if featured) or the 7 Millionaires … In Training! site (if you are not yet featured).

    “To clarify- I should not keep the meet-debbie page up in the URL section of the profile on Networth IQ?  or do you mean not to actively try to use Networth to promote.”

    [Thanks go to Debbie for this clarification]

    By all means, say what you want on your own profile page; just DO NOT actively use the questions/tips and other public pages to promote anything (including yourself or 7m7y) …

    Please enjoy … I’ll be watching 😉


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