Wax on, Wax off …

… remember the phrase? If not, let Google’s ‘Phrase Finder’ fill you in:

It’s from the movie “The Karate Kid” (1984) starring Ralph Macchio and Pat Morita. Pat Morita was supposed to be teaching Mr. Macchio karate, but all summer the karate master had the kid just painting stuff and waxing his car. However, the painting and waxing techniques were secretly teaching his muscles karate moves, and when the karate lessons actually began, he found it relatively easy to learn. “Wax on, wax off” was one of the stern instructions repeated at the beginning of the lessons.

What does this have to do with creating 7 Millionaires … In Training!

Well, nothing – perhaps I just need my car polished and my fence painted (?!) – and everything

So far, I have given my applicants tasks that don’t seem to relate to money:

1. Complete a reasonably in-depth application that asks nothing about how much money they have … what skills they have … what they owe.

How am I to ‘stack the deck’ in my favor if I don’t know who is already well on their way to millions (so that I can swoop in and claim the credit to a foregone conclusion)?

2. Ask for a photo and a lousy 100 word ‘essay’ with no subject, no theme?

What do these Meet the Applicants posts do, what purpose do they serve?

3. Ask each applicant to drive traffic to the web-site?

D’uh … no brainer … surely, I am just looking for a quick and easy way to build traffic to my web-sites, so that I can jump in with the “now if you want to make millions … just buy my just launched $10,000 course … by the way, finalists get x% discount and you get y% just for sticking around …”

4. Join Networth IQ and publically post their profiles

Even easier … if I’m going to “sell the course” surely I’ll need to know who can afford to pay cash and who I’ll need to offer ‘terms’ to 😉

5. And …. there’s more to come as we whittle down to the Final 15 then the ‘lucky’ 7MITs.

So, if a scam … I have just blown cover … and, if genuine … well, I should just leave it here as a test of ‘faith’, as I mentioned to Sue yesterday 😉

However, I will shed a little light and here it is:

I need to weed out the tire-kickers: so stretching the application through a series of little steps leading to the Final 30, tells me a little about those who act on a whim (no problem with that) and don’t have the power to stay the course (now, that’s where the problem is!)

You would be surprised how many people who completed detailed applications couldn’t come up with 100 words and/or a photo of themselves.

Speaking of which, we need headshots and 100 words, because we are looking for ‘real people’ – not internet nobodies, hiding behind avatars and shades [AJC: hey that’s me … that’s one of the reasons that I now do a weekly live chat show … you need to see WHO I am, without actually giving away my name, address and bank account number].

And, this is a blog … do you think we might need people who can write as well as get rich?

And, the traffic thing: well, of course we need traffic! Traffic means more readers – more readers means a bigger 7 Millionaires … In Training! Community – a bigger community is better for everybody …

… wouldn’t some expert (and, high profile) ‘guest contributors’ be great? Exactly!

And, it’s also a way for me to assess who is creative, and who can get out there market themselves … do you think that these just may be important skills in order to get rich? You betch’a!

Oh, and the Networth IQ profile? This is the first of the ‘real’ tasks … we want to get a baseline of each of our 7MITs and see how they progress over the coming months and years. No matter where they start, we want to see an upward trajectory.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could follow along and do the same?

Well, do so! Forexample, you can – and, should – also join Networth IQ. You can make your NWiQ Profile public (the better for sharing and getting/giving advice) or private – it’s entirely up to you – but, just do it!

Finally, the infomercial thing?

It doesn’t exist – it won’t exist.

You may see a book (80% chance … I REALLY want to write a book about this stuff), you may even see a speaking tour (50% chance) … one day, you may even see a product (30% chance) or coaching (20% chance) … but, never on – or through – this site … ever!

We even have some Golden Rules that cover this … and, if I ever break this rule: sign off! And, if you – or any of our 7MITs ever break these rules – I’ll sign you off … immediately, and without warning. Simple!

So, what to do now … if you are one of the Final 30 – or even if you aren’t but are planning to try and follow along (and, you should!) …

…. wax on, wax off!