Meet the Final Applicants!

Well that’s it!

The Casting Out period is over … I’ve pulled in a net-full of ‘live’ ones … and displayed some of the best in the 7m7y Wall of Fame; there are many more that I will feature in the days leading up to the selection of my final 7 Millionaires … In Training!

I am truly humbled by how many people have jumped in boots-and-all and if you promise to keep up the effort, so will I.

Now, my work really begins … I’m going to start the process of selecting my 7 Millionaires … In Training!

As I’m going through the decision-making process, I’ll be featuring more applicants, so you still have time to shine …

Short-List Step 1, is for all serious applicants – and, EVERYBODY who is reading along will gain great benefit by simply following along and DOING THE SAME during these first few stages of the ‘narrowing process’ …

… so, go to right now and create a ‘snapshot’ of your current personal net worth.

In just a couple of years, you’ll probably look back in total amazement at how far you have come!

If so, the effort that I have put into maintaining my two blogs  and will have been well worth it 🙂

If you are serious about working with me – because I am totally serious about working with you – then get to it … but, I’m sorry that I only have room for 7 Millionaires … In Training!

But, I have LOTS of room for well-wishers, advisers, commenters, occasional contributers, nay-sayers – hey, we need at least a few Devil’s Advocates … besides, Mom and Dad 😉 – so, get to it, and …

Good Luck!

REMEMBER: However you want to participate in (or, even just to ‘watch from the sidelines’) this ‘grand experiment’; click here and sign up for e-mail updates, that way you will always be up to date!

PS If you’ve applied anywhere in the process, whether you’ve been featured yet or not, respond to my e-mail/s that you have hopefully kept in your in-box somewhere with the link to your NetworthIQ profile.