• 02:39:12 am on June 2, 2008 | 8

    Important Announcement: Applications for my 7 Millionaires … In Training! ‘grand experiment’ CLOSE TONIGHT (June 2) at Midnight CST !!! This is your last chance to throw your hat in the ring …

    Meet Lee!

    The award for the Most Unexpected (But Most Welcome) Applicant goes to … Lee!

    Read on to see why

    I am a semi-retired police chaplain who is fed up with living pay check to pay check while trying to encourage young officers as they deal with the same issues. 

    I have a passion for demonstrating common sense approaches to dealing with stress and a goal to provide a place for police officers, fire fighters and their spouses to come and in a retreat setting learn how to manage their stress. 

    While one of the greatest sources of my personal stress is related to my own finances, I am determined to get my house in order.



  • Alex Le 9:18 am on June 2, 2008 | #


    I really admire your courage and determination. Good luck!


  • Susan Mizejewski 12:48 pm on June 2, 2008 | #

    Good Luck lee!

    Your determination inspires me. Your awesome!


  • Debbie 1:03 pm on June 2, 2008 | #

    Congratulations on being featured- great to see you over here, too 🙂

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  • Moneymonk 12:14 pm on June 3, 2008 | #

    Don’t give up Lee!
    Stay focus on your goal

  • Luis 9:31 am on June 11, 2008 | #


    Sometimes before you can give you must first receive.

    Your courage shines through.

    Good luck Lee!

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  • Marta Barron 3:03 pm on August 30, 2008 | #

    way to go Lee, I will be keeping up with your progress, then you will teach me, won’t you?

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