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    Welcome to “7 Millionaires … In Training!” …

    This site is a ‘grand experiment’ by Adrian J Cartwood, whose revolutionary blog $7million7years chronicles his own journey from $30k in debt to $7million in the bank in just 7 years!

    AJC decided to ‘give back’ by helping 7 ordinary people to become independently wealthy.

    In fact, AJC’s goal is help create …

    7 Multi-Millionaires in just 7 Years!

    No scams, no cost, no tricks … just plain, good ol’ fashioned advice … and, a lot of hard work and fun!

    Here, you will meet our 7 Millionaires in Training (MITs), and you will be able to follow along as they chronicle their own path/s to wealth. You will hear their stories and their problems, and – if you like – you will have the opportunity to offer your own advice (and, perhaps ask your own questions) along with AJC.

    Our 7 MITs were hand-selected by AJC after an ‘open casting call’ was made on the 7million7years blog at the end of April 2008. It is our hope that these select few will not only make their own fortunes, in their chosen fields … but that you will, too!

    Here are the MIT’s 7 Golden Rules:

    1. I shall be honest in all of my dealings, both onsite and offsite.

    2. NO money – or ‘in kind exchange’ – will change hands via this site.

    3. NO products, advertising, or affiliate links of any kind will be accepted. I may, however, include no more than one (1) link to my own site or blog in each post –  my site may contain products, but no ‘spam’ or ‘offensive’ products.

    4. I understand that this site is hosted by WordPress.com, whose Terms of Service will me met by me at all times.

    5. I will open an account at Networth IQ and post my starting Net Worth as accurately as I am able, and I will update (again, as accurately as I am able) my Net Worth at least once every 3 months.

    6. I will post on this site about my progress, hopes, goals, aspirations, problems at least once a week, using my real first name (and, thumbnail image), and I will answer reader comments at least daily, if not possible, then at least every other day.

    7. AJC is the sole arbiter of who enters and/or uses this site, and may edit, add, or delete content and/or comments at his sole discretion. AJC is the sole owner of this site and, once I post, he owns all copyright. I will assist AJC by answering any of his, or any reader, questions and performing any tasks in a reasonable and timely manner that AJC may reasonably request provided that such requests do not break any of the other Golden Rules, and provided that I do not reasonably morally or ethically object.

    There is an 8th requirement and it is this: AJC may use the content in this site to create a book and/or documentary, or any other kind of associated, published content and the 7MITs will be required to provide any reasonable assistance – no payment will be made for such assistance, unless in accordance with industry practice.

    That’s it …

    I hope that you, along with our 7 MITs, enjoy the journey!



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